IHS staff members participate in Spartan Race obstacle course

By Channing Whitaker | Staff Writer

Irvington staff members Mr. Jackson, Mr. Silvernale, Mr. Zeljak, Mr. Denies, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Shultz, Mr. Jones, Ms. Kammerer, and Ms. Guzman participated in an obstacle course called the Spartan Race. This event took place on Oct. 26 in Sacramento, California.

“Spartan Race offered us free entries to the race,” Mr. Jackson explained. “I sent an email out to the staff, and seven teachers and one administrator responded.”

The Spartan Race is an event that takes place not only in the United States, but other countries such as Italy, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. This race reaches out to communities in an effort to raise awareness for physical activity and money for charity of your choice.

The staff members sprinted for over 3 miles encountering obstacles throughout the course such as a fire jump, going underneath a wall in dirty and muddy water, a sandbag carry up a steep hill, and monkey bars. The goal of the race is to go through the obstacle course in the fastest time possible while also testing your personal physical, mental, and emotional strength.

After the enduring marathon for the staff, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Zeljak, and Mr. Jackson described their thoughts after all of them finished the race under two hours. “Monkey bars, carrying heavy things, climbing walls, crawling up a muddy hill under barbed wire, it was a lot of fun,” Mr. Zeljak explained, “Two obstacles were challenging. Climbing up a wet rope was difficult because it was hard to get a good grip. Then trying to traverse a wall with wood blocks on it, it was hard to keep my hands from slipping off it.”

“There was a great sense of camaraderie and friendship afterward that seemed to last all day long,” Mr. Phillips said, “Suffering together, then celebrating together.”

“I think it was a great showing, but I also think that we can get more teachers, and even some students for the next race in June.” Mr. Jackson stated.