The Curious Case of Personality

By Risheek Priyadarshi | Staff Writer

There are several ways you can find out about a person’s personality, such as the way they dress, speak, act, react, and even style their hair. However, there is another way to distinguish person’s characteristics—by their phone case. With the plethora of different styles and phone cases to pick from, phone cases say a lot about someone’s personality and style.

  1. Power battery phone cases show that you are a well-prepared person. These cases don’t protect the phone; however they do charge its battery, extending the phone’s daily usage time. In case of emergencies, you don’t want to panic about your phone dying or worry about charging your phone. This shows that how you are a prepared person who does not like to live life on the edge.
  2. Plastic cases with designs on them mean you are a fashionable person. These sleek cases don’t really do anything besides make your phone look pretty, which could be considered as a perk. This mindset of style over convenience shows how you are more fashionable than practical.
  3. If you don’t have a phone case, you obviously like to live dangerously. You are courageous and trustworthy because you have enough faith in yourself to not drop your phone.
  4. Durable cases (i.e. OtterBox) show that you are an extremely cautious, yet outgoing person. Instead of caring about looks, you care more about whether or not the phone will break if it fell from your hands. Durable cases are popular with adventurous people because you don’t need to worry about breaking your phone while exploring the outdoors.