IHS students in StarStruck’s Theatre production at Ohlone College

By Channing Whitaker | Staff Writer

Irvington theatre students present and past participated in the StarStruck’s Theatre production of “Seussical: The Musical” based on the works of Dr. Seuss’s story “Horton Hears a Who”. The musical showings took place from January 9-25 at Ohlone College.

StarStruck Theatre directed by Lori A. Stokes since 1995 is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of youth and the community by providing performance opportunity, and musical productions. With the Irvington students having to listen to a new director, there were definitely differences between both Mrs. Stokes and Mr. DiLorenzo with how rehearsals are run.

“Mr. Di and Mrs. Stokes have very different directing styles. Lori is more particular in details and acting choices. She’s very nice and soft spoken to her fellow students and she teaches responsibility,” sophomore Sydney Bush explained, “Then there is Mr. Di, who I think is a little more laid back with the acting choices. He leaves it up to the students to choose how to portray the character. He can be fairly relaxed when it comes to blocking and memorizing lines as well as acting choices.”

Having to balance schoolwork, other extra-curricular activities, and the production was an immense amount of work for these students. Up to the opening night of the musical, a lot of hours were put in by these Irvington students to make this show a success.

“During the beginning two-three months of rehearsal, we rehearse for around 3 hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (6 or 6:30-9). However, on Sundays, we rehearse for around five to six hours (usually 3-8 or 9). Then, when tech week hit a week before the show, we rehearsed for approximately eight hours (1-9) or even a bit longer (until 10),” freshman Samantha Chen said. “During tech week, I had to stay up until after midnight completing homework, but that was not particularly common. Overall though, the cast was able to maintain their academic work and I think we all made it through really well.”

Despite all the stressful hours at rehearsal and making sure that all the musical numbers were solid, the show turned out amazing filled with laughter and enjoyment throughout the many audiences that came and watched the show. To even some of the past Irvington students who participated in this production, StarStruck Theatre has become a second home to them.

Former student of IHS Olivia Wagganer stated, “StarStruck has kind of become my home over the past four years. I’ve made most of my best friends here and I love them all to death. We create something huge and bright and beautiful that I can’t adequately describe with few words. It’s the happiest place on earth for me.”

Ally Abonador (Left) and Nicholas J. Saud (Right) playing their roles in "Seussical: The Musical." PC: Ally Abonador
Ally Abonador (Left) and Nicholas J. Saud (Right) playing their roles in “Seussical: The Musical.”
PC: Ally Abonador