Hitman hirer found in Fremont

Hitman hirer found in Fremont

By Srija Srinivasan | Staff Writer

Fremont resident Anthony Roberts Jr. was arrested Tuesday, January 6, 2015 for arranging the murders of two men who were killed last May in Boise, Idaho.

The 34-year-old man  was arrested and booked into a Fremont jail without bail. Authorities are looking into extraditing Roberts back to Idaho to have him face his charges of hiring a hitman to murder 28-year-old Elliott Bailey and  27-year-old Travontae Calloway. The hitman also shot Calloway’s girlfriend in the arm.

Robins hired John C. Douglas to carry out the murders and has also been accused of supplying Douglas with a .45 caliber gun. Attorneys say that Roberts planned the murders to get revenge on the two men for stealing 30 pounds of marijuana from him. Robins allegedly waited outside an apartment on South Orchard street while the murders were being conducted, then drove the escape vehicle.

Robin’s final charge was two counts of aiding and abetting and one for attempting murder. The warrant for Robin’s arrest was issued Monday, January 5, the day before Fremont police arrested him. Robin’ preliminary hearing has been pushed back until March.