Homecoming spirit week unifies Irvington students

By Ayush Patel | Staff Writer

During the week of Irvington’s homecoming, October 12 to 16, students dressed up based on their respective class’s spirit categories, in order to generate spirit for the homecoming game. ASB Vice President Ally Abonador took charge of this year’s homecoming spirit week, noting that ASB had made several changes this year.

“This year I really wanted to change Spirit Week into something that it’s never been before,” stated Abonador.

According to Abonador,each class built floats rather than decorations for the courtyard this school year. In addition, she stated that ASB added several new events.

“Some new things that were added [include] Carnival Day, having all the class dances during one lunch time rally, lip sync battles, and a parade,” said Abonador. “We just added so many new elements to get more students involved, and we think it definitely payed off!”

This year, the senior class won in all three categories: spirit, floats, and dances, which were judged based on a system that allowed each class to have an equal opportunity at winning.

“I just let whatever the points and rubrics showed determine everything and I’m glad that everyone was cheerful of their place, regardless of where they stood,” stated Abonador.

Sophomore Aishwarya Singh Singh believed that dressing up is fun and gives everyone a sense of unity by having students in each class come together.

“I certainly think that this year’s Homecoming week was an improvement over last year’s,” she stated. “The carnival in the courtyard on Monday was incredible and was a great way to kickstart the week, the pep rallies were a great way for each of the classes to show their spirit, and it was cool to see each class’s float on the track on Thursday.”

Singh commended ASB and the class councils as well, for the effort they put into making this year’s homecoming spirit week a success.

“Overall, it seemed like all the classes were much more spirited this year as well,” she said, “in my opinion, Irvington’s Homecoming Week of 2015 was very well planned and brought out a lot of school spirit.”

“I was pretty scared and apprehensive going into the process,” stated Abonador, “but the changes exceeded my expectations, and everyone had a lot of fun.”

Seniors cheer at homecoming rally (Photo: Daniel Ho).
Seniors cheer at homecoming rally (Photo: Daniel Ho).