Girl’s Volleyball fights hard against Logan

By Sarvesh Mayilvahanan | Staff Writer

Irvington’s girls volleyball team took on Logan on November 5th in a very close match. The game went back and forth with the crowd cheering on the players from both sides.

The first set went both ways with one team winning a couple of points and the other rallying back to win a few of their own. However, as it got later into the set, Logan picked up some steam and was able to forge ahead for a 25-18 win.

The Irvington girls came out with a bang in the second set, only to see the Logan team make a comeback to tie it up late in the set. The Vikings stayed strong through hard fought rallies, however, and managed to win the set tying up the game with a 25-23 win.

As the match continued onto the third set, Logan got off to a strong 11-4 start. After taking a tactical timeout to stop Logan’s momentum, the Vikings came surging back to bring the game within a couple of points only to be defeated in the end 25-19 because of 3 points given up on serves.

As the intensity rose and Logan neared another win, the pressure was on the Vikings to stay in it. They fought hard and managed to win a very close round off an ace.

The crowd was cheering and chanting as the game went to the final set, each point won was met with yelling and banging on the bleachers. The two teams fought it out exchanging points back and forth. However, Logan edged the Vikings and won the set 15-11, winning the game three sets to two.

After the game, Irvington coach Marcus Young said, “I thought we fought the whole way which I really liked. But I thought we could have minimized a few of our serving errors.”

Logan entered the match undefeated, and Irvington was the first team all season to take them to the final set.