Irvington students involved in politics

By Sarvesh Mayilvahanan | Staff Writer

The Political Science club, or Poli-Sci for short, kicked off at Irvington just this year. It was started by juniors Sampreeth Moturi and Humza Khan under advisor Mr. Canavero to promote political literacy within Irvington.

Moturi and Khan started Poli-Sci club because they want high school students to be exposed to politics and informed about the political process. They hope to educate Irvington students on policies, candidates, and societal issues so students will be prepared to vote once they turn 18.

“I’m a leader for the Ro Khanna campaign, so I started to volunteer a lot. I spent a couple hundred hours calling voters and understanding our community,” said club President Sampreeth Moturi. “I’ve noticed that many people are uneducated about politics and [the problems that] exist in our community. We need to increase political literacy.”

The club also plans to have discussion sections where they will give lectures, ask students for their opinions on topics, and hold Socratic seminars on the topic afterwards. Some topics they plan on bringing up including gun rights and lobbyists.

Poli-Sci club is not affiliated with any one party or campaign and wants to provide a neutral perspective of politics, by providing facts, not opinions. The club meets every month and plans to provide volunteer opportunities for members such as fundraisers.