Irvington organizes first Clash of the Classes spirit day

By Cathy Wang and Daniel Ho | Opinions Editor and Photo Editor

On Feb. 26, the juniors won Irvington’s first Clash of the Classes spirit day, edging out the seniors by 10 points. Each class stood out throughout the day of activities. Students also dressed in different colors to show their class pride: freshmen wore yellow, sophomores blue, juniors green, and seniors red.

The freshmen participated the most in the morning pep rally before school, shouting and cheering together. During the rap battle in the courtyard, mostly sophomores and juniors either freestyle-rapped or prepared lyrics to read from.

“I was really nervous to rap at first, but it turned out to be really fun,” said sophomore Albert Zhu, who rapped a few lines on behalf of his class. “The event was a bit of a letdown because not many people wanted to participate. I hope more people can show school spirit in the future.”

Juniors and seniors were neck-to-neck game after game during the night rally. After a round of tug-of-war, the classes faced off in basketball, dodgeball, and dance battles.

I liked the idea of having big group games because it really involved the crowd and it got all the classes hyped,” said senior Tyler Vo, ASB Rally Commissioner. “One point I would change is to have designated people that judge each game. This way the classes have an equal chance of winning.”

The idea to start a Clash of the Classes Spirit Day sprouted from a desire to maintain school spirit through second semester.

“It’s inevitable that a majority of students are only really excited for Homecoming Spirit Week, but we [ASB] felt that our school’s spirit was not limited to one week,” said senior Kitty Hu, ASB president. “We wanted to give students another opportunity to really just have some fun and bond with their classes.”

Organizing the spirit day was not without struggles.

“The hardest part of organizing was allowing the night rally to happen and getting clearance from Admin,” said senior Zaheer Ebtikar, ASB Treasurer. “It was just hard for them to budge on the idea of a night rally and what exactly it consisted of since it was unprecedented.”