A Walker To Remember



“The very first thing that I wanted to do was teach. When I got my degree in drama, I didn’t want to become an unemployed actor because that was usually the situation, and my ego kept me from teaching drama – and that was a mistake . . . But I’m teaching now and I’m happy about it.”

Fiona Zhao, Staff Writer

The coach of the boys’ and girls’ tennis team for the past three years, Mr. Lyle Walker is a familiar face at Irvington. This year, as Walker undertakes a long-term challenge to substitute sophomore and senior English classes in P-16, he weighs his options: though he is currently eligible to substitute for up to sixty days, he earnestly remarks that he would be willing to teach for an entire year, for “as long as they want [him]”. Although Mr. Walker has never taught at a public school as a year-round instructor, he takes his role seriously, acknowledging the need for a teacher to care of the students, learning process, and intellectual growth. Walker specializes in teaching the humanities, including English, History, Drama, and public speaking. His wide range of interests include theatre – in particular dance theatre and Shakespeare – gardening, politics, and tennis; Walker even has a tattoo of a tennis ball.