Varsity Football improves record

Irvington’s football team concluded the season 5-6 for Varsity and 1-7 for Junior Varsity. Over the past season, Irvington’s performance reflected changes to their football teams.

Without enough available players, the freshman football team was integrated into the Junior Varsity team, allowing freshmen footballers to experience competitive football at a higher level. Less experienced than their opponents, JV experienced a rough season of 1-7.

Driven by Coach Ross Eddings and Assistant Coach Sean Jones, Varsity had a successful season, qualifying for the NCS playoffs. Comprised of mostly juniors who were first-year Varsity players, the team was initially largely inexperienced.

“Our worst game was the first game of the season against Encinal. We were very naïve and inexperienced, while the opposing team was very rough and physical, so we were very unprepared,” said Assistant Coach Jones. “We also lost 0-52 against Monta Vista, a very talented team, but it was definitely a positive learning and growing experience.”

As the season progressed, Varsity maintained a positive attitude and displayed constant improvement. Most members consider the Homecoming game against American the most rewarding of the season.

“Winning 40-22 against American, a very talented team, was very exciting. Everyone was able to do the little things, like all the stop-blocks, and everyone was doing their job,” Jones said.

With most of this season’s junior starters planning to return to the team next season, the coaches anticipate further growth and development and aim to qualify for the NCS playoffs next season. However, most of Varsity’s success comes down to the team’s hard work in the off-season.