Irvington putts forth first girls’ golf team


The team posed with their coaches for a team photo after their impressive first season. (Photo: Yearbook)

By: Subaita Rahman | Staff Writer

The team posed with their coaches for a team photo after their impressive first season. (Photo: Yearbook)

This year, Irvington formed its first ever separate girls golf team and saw remarkable results. From starting later in the season than other schools to limited practice time on the range, the girls overcame their challenges and finished with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss, first place in the DeAnza High School and San Leandro High School Trimatch, and second place in each of the three Moreau Catholic and Mission San Jose High School Trimatches.

Senior team Captain Stephanie Lai, who found out about the change from a joined team to separate teams halfway through the normal spring season last year, was pleased with the first team, which passed her expectations.

“It’s pretty cool that we were able to advance onto NCS with all of our girls being first and second years,” Lai said. “We all worked really hard to get to where we are. I was also pretty excited because I’d be able to compete with girls my age and see where I stand with my competitors. I realized that girls’ teams are more tightknit, and there’s a sense of family, which you don’t experience a lot on a boys’ team.”

The first season of the Irvington girls golf team brought a few challenges, which they managed to work through throughout their successful season. A few team members wished for more practice time out on the course rather than on the range, for a chance to adjust to the different aspects of a girls golf setting.

“By playing on the course, you’re able to touch upon different aspects of golf, from drives and fairway shots, to short game like chipping and putting,” said Lai. “You also get to challenge yourself with different lies and putting slopes that you might encounter at a real tournament.”

Despite the difficulties they had during NCS, the team bonded, from practicing out on the range to sitting in the team van at 4 in the morning before competitions.

“Sometimes I did better than I expected and other times I did really bad,” sophomore Hyunsoo Kang said. “I think I got better on average than last year, which means I improved and that’s all that matters in the end.”

Despite the difficulties they had to face from starting their first season, the girls golf team excelled past their expectations and have high hopes for next year.