Serving Our Country

Sarvesh Mayilvahanans, Sports Editor

Mr. Albizo, one of the ITA teachers at Irvington, had an illustrious career before becoming a teacher. He first served in the Marine Corps for little over five years.

After this, he went to work for the Aviation Department in the Navy. He was responsible for auditing the maintenance of military aircraft at naval aviation depots around the country, including San Diego, Alameda, Virginia, and Florida. There, he audited the performance of all the aircraft maintenance during maintenance cycles to make sure they were working right so they could get back in the air.

Next, he decided to join a senior executive program and went back to school at Washington and spent many years working in corporate America and information technology. Albizo then finished his higher education with a B.S. and M.S. at University of San Francisco.

He decided to become a teacher because he wanted to give back. He particularly wanted to share his experience in the public and private sector, because he knows what goes on beyond the campus walls.

After spending nine years teaching, he says teaching is more of a hobby than work for him.

“I get a lot of benefit out of it. It is like a hobby to me where I can contribute and hopefully make a difference in kids’ lives. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.”

He looks at the students of Irvington as the future and he wants to pass the baton along, hoping that nobody drops it along the way.