Question Man (Teachers Edition)

Elaine Chan, Staff Writer

What’s the most emotional pain you’ve inflicted on a student?

Delmar Gomez

“Probably failing a freshman on a final exam.  I thought she was cheating, but she was actually counting the number of items she had gotten correct on the test, and I told her, ‘WOMAN!! Stop what you’re doing!’, and she looked at me really panicked started crying.  Instead of telling her, ‘don’t worry you’ll be OK’, I told her, ‘NO! I’m gonna fail you first semester’.  She kept crying because you know freshman right?”

Mark Rodocker

“When a student has bullied another student in my classroom, let’s just say that I was very confrontational.  I called him out for what he did, and I made him apologize in front of the class, which isn’t probably what you’re supposed to do.I made him apologize in front of the class, and it was a very long and arduous process.”

Nicole MJ

“Every time I don’t round up from an 89.9”

Beth Rothfuss

“How do I know what kind of emotional pain I inflicted on a student? There was one time where, right in front of me, a student proceeded to tell other students from a different class what was going to be on the upcoming test, and I verbally berated him in front of whoever was standing around because he deserved it.”