Honey where is my supersuit?!: Tri-City Health Center holds second annual Superhero Run

Sabrina Sun, Entertainment Editor

From 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. on Saturday, May 13, the Tri-City Health Center hosted the second annual family-friendly Superhero Run marathon, which brought community members together to exercise and raise money for Tri-City’s programs. The proceeds from the event will be used to fund Tri City’s programs and services that are not covered by insurance or paid by patients.  The event took place at Quarry Lakes, and while costumes were not required, several participants dressed as superheroes. The Run was created in 2015 and is an annual event. However, Tri-City Health chose to support a different fundraising endeavor last year.

Several event packages were available for different distances; participants could sign up as individuals or groups to participate in the 5K ($49), the 10K ($54), the Half Marathon ($70), and the 100y Kiddie Dash (Free). The winners were Peter Truelle and Christina Morton (5K), Mark Madrid and Yasamin Yazdi (10K), and Caleb Yang and Stacey Costa (Half-Marathon).

Activities, information, and healthcare resources awaited the racers at the end of the trail. The organizers provided capes for the children, medals for all participants, a first-aid booth, refreshments, and T-shirts for all participants.

During the race, there was some confusion and some 10K runners ended the race along the wrong track. The confusion began when the turn-around sign for the 10K was knocked down, causing some 10K participants to run farther than 10K. The Run’s organizers promise to make sure that this will not happen again in future events.

Tri-City Health Center CEO Dr. Zeddie D. Page provided an opening speech and expressed his hope that the event would encourage the participants to be healthier and to have fun while doing so. While he did not run, Page and several other Tri-City Health Center employees were present and helped organize the event by passing out medals and making sure the runners stayed on the trail. Page hopes that participants will use the marathon as a chance to put their knowledge of healthcare to practice by exercising and socializing.

“The Superhero Run is an annual run that represents the movement and excitement of the community as they come together, acknowledge healthcare providers, and focus on the health of our families,” Page said. “This is the opportunity to meet new people, to understand the sound-bites we share about being healthy, eating right, working together, and enjoying the community. So really it’s the opportunity to do a lot of things.”

The Superhero Run drew participants from which brought community members from the Tri-City Area (Fremont, Newark, and Union City) to exercise in the beautiful Quarry Lakes scenery. The marathon had several local sponsors, including Kaiser Permanente, Meriwest Credit Union, and Unitek College, this year and is scheduled to occur again next year.