Irvington raises money for Hurricane Harvey victims

Atira Nair, Entertainment Editor

From Sept. 11 to 15, Irvington’s Associated Student Government hosted a fundraiser for Clear Brook High School, one of the many high schools in Houston affected by Hurricane Harvey, which devastated major regions of Texas. They raised $2,500 in total to help the affected high school rebuild their campus and facilities.

According to ASG Service Learning Commissioner, Sherin Lajevardi (11), a faculty member at Clear Brook reached out to Ms. Mangiardi and Irvington for help in rebuilding the school.

The school was flooded and many of the buildings looked collapsed and had water damage. leaving students without a school to attend. The school plans on buying new materials for the classroom and infrastructure.

“Two thousand families were displaced,” said Lajevardi. “These students had nowhere to go to school. Their education was on pause.”

Clear Brook High School had originally asked for 12 to 15 thousand dollars in two weeks. Due to the last minute request, ASB had to publicize overnight.

ASB combined their efforts on social media and also made sure to walk around various spots in the school, holding up signs and asking students and faculty for money. Some went to the horseshoe parking area and talked to parents who were dropping students off if they could donate.

ASB made about $2,500 to $3,000 dollars in less than two weeks. Even after the fundraiser was over, students came by and donated money, according to Lajevardi.