Furious religious leaders, computerized docents, and a earth- shattering secret to be unveiled: Dan Brown’s new book Origin

Origin follows the journey of Robert Langdon and his journey in Bilbao, Spain

Dan Brown

Origin follows the journey of Robert Langdon and his journey in Bilbao, Spain

Critically acclaimed author Dan Brown came out with his new book, Origin,  on Oct. 3.  Given that Dan Brown’s other books have topped New York Times Best Seller lists in the past, it’s no surprise that Brown’s new book was highly anticipated by many. Although a relatively long read, Origin definitely met my expectations

The story begins with a secret meeting where Edmond Kirsch, former student of Robert Langdon and tech-enthusiast, meets in a mysterious private meeting with three select world religious leaders.  During the meeting, Edmond Kirsch delivers a shocking announcement about religion which he threatens will be disclosed to the world in public broadcast later that month. Robert Langdon, the familiar Harvard professor of symbology, A receives a brief, handwritten invitation from Kirsch to attend his big announcement in an infamous museum in Bilbao, Spain. Kirsch’s awaited announcement no doubt received by awe by the guests including Langdon. However, just as Kirsch is about to spill the beans, he is shot in the head and chaos ensues.  

Unlike his previous novels, like The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol, Origin relies less on religious historical monuments and paintings and includes many modern science fiction elements, no doubt due to the futurist nature of the book.  Brown’s books typically contain historic pieces of art such as Mona Lisa or The Last Supper in The Da Vinci Code. Meanwhile, in Origin Brown alludes to many pieces of modern art, such as an amorphous wall cloud that fill the museum. Brown also hints at Artificial Intelligence with Winston, Langdon’s unique personal computer docent that is clever enough to even stump Langdon into thinking that he is human.  

Given the clash between religion and science that the plot is centered around, there’s no doubt that this book will be controversial among its readers.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspenseful thrillers or is curious about the origin of religion and the clashes between religion and technology in the modern world.

5 stars