Irvington DECA shatters records at NorCal conference



The Irvington DECA chapter had the most members at the NorCal Career Development Conference.

Sahil Saxena, Business Manager

Irvington’s DECA club broke all records with 31 teams placing in the top three of their event and over 70% of teams taking home some a award at the NorCal Career Development Conference in San Ramon from Jan. 12 to Jan. 14, Irvington DECA was not only the largest chapter at the conference but also outperformed all other chapters, including the close second, Dougherty Valley High School. DECA President, Sourish Aggarwal (12), could not be happier about Irvington’s performance at NorCal.

“We broke every single record which Irvington DECA previously held,” Aggarwal said. “This was Irvington DECA’s most successful year so far.”

Out of the 115 registered club members, 105 members competed at NorCal, which is increased from last year’s total of just 94 competitors. This turnout allowed Irvington DECA to be the largest chapter at the conference. Out of the many in attendance, 78 members won mini-awards (awarded for just one component of a competitive event) and 65 teams finalizing in the top 8 of their event. Aggarwal partially attributes this year’s success to the Irvington chapter’s camaraderie and support for one another.

“The best part of the conference was not just hearing Irvington DECA’s name being called up again and again,” Aggarwal said. “The best part was when every single person in our chapter stood up and cheered for our winners.”

With 13 teams placing first in their event, the club is excited by the promise and effort shown from all the members.

“The last five months of dedication and hard work definitely paid off. I am extremely proud of every single member who gave it their all this weekend,” Aggarwal said. “We are looking forward to breaking more records and sending more members to the States and International Career Development Conferences than ever before.”