Ronil- An Amazing Friend, Son, and Student


Kritika Sachar, Staff Writer

Ronil Mehta, who attended Irvington his freshman year, passed away on September 1 due to DIPG brain cancer. His fight through this battle was long and hard, but throughout, Ronil remained strong for his family and gave them as much strength as he could. He enjoyed playing basketball, getting the newest video games from Playstation where his dad works, and going to Warriors games whenever he could. Ronil was always a strong and independent boy who would handle whatever challenges he faced to the best to his ability.

His mother, Manisha Modi, mentioned when he first came out of his coma in 2015 that “he didn’t flinch or try to free himself from the tubes he was being intubated with, even after being explained the situation. He accepted everything and adapted very well.”

Friends and family describe him as a sweet boy with a pure heart, who always wished the best for everyone.

One of his friends, Ved Patel (10), had met Ronil through Cub Scouts when they were eight years old. “He was always smiling and was always nice to everyone. You can really learn from him since he was so strong and able to fight through it all. He’s a real role model for everyone.”

Ronil was not only passionate, but also always very practical about everything.Through this journey, his family learned the importance of living every day to the fullest. Since the only thing in the family’s hands was how they reacted, they made sure to make the most out of what they had and spend whatever they could with Ronil.

“All his doctors told him that he’d never be able to walk again, or talk, but there he was, six months later, walking and talking, defying everything his doctors had told him,” Modi said.

Ronil’s strong spirit and optimistic attitude allowed him to fight this uphill battle for 31 months after he came out of his coma.

“He loved adrenaline, and loved speed. When we went to a ski trip, and Ronil was getting bored of taking pictures, he went on the ski lift all by himself, five thousand feet in the air.”

Ronil was always an energetic spirit, and that was something cancer couldn’t disrupt. His hobbies, personality, and legacy will be preserved through a tree planted by ASG in the courtyard. The tree will have “Brave Ronil” engraved on it, the phrase associated with Ronil’s battle through cancer. Though Ronil is not here to carry his family, friends, and all the people at Irvington on his shoulders anymore, this tree will commemorate all the lives he has made brighter, all the smiles he has put on people’s faces, and all the hope and joy he has given to everyone he met.