Staff Curated List of Articles to Read Over Thanksgiving Break

A Clash of Opinions: Fremont School Board Elections

The Irvington Voice interviews candidates Fahria Khan, Hua Li, Dianne Jones to compare and contrast the candidates’ opinions and platforms on divisive issues in Fremont such as teacher wages, affordable housing, school infrastructure and many more. 

Enshrining Dia de los Muertos

On Nov. 2, Irvington’s MECHA held its biannual Dia De Los Muertos celebration, where students in all Spanish classes came together to learn about and celebrate the Day of the Dead, a popular traditional celebration in Latin America during which people honor their lost loved ones.

Op-Ed: Irvington’s Common Core Math Classes Continue to Improve

Despite the general opinion that the Irvington math curriculum negatively impacts students and systematically disadvantages those in the non-accelerated pathway, the program has undergone significant changes in the past year that have improved class mobility and curriculum effectiveness. 

Reflection on the 2018 Reflections Art Contest

The Irvington Voice takes a deeper look at the 2018 Reflections Art Contest entries, ranging from visual art, film, literature, etc. and interviews artists for a statement on how their work best fits the theme of “Heroes Around Me.”

Senior Jennie Gai Wins Team Gold at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games 

Earlier this year, Jennie Gai became the first and only American badminton player since 2010 to qualify for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Six months later, Jennie returns from Buenos Aires as a YOG individual event quarter finalist with a team event gold medal in tow. Read all about Jennie’s success, motivation, and her thoughts of the Youth Olympic Games in this sports recap article.