How to React to Different Types of Christmas Presents


“It’s an avocado. Thanks!”

Nikoo Alizadeh, Staff Writer

Christmas time is coming around which means that people can look forward to spending time with family, eating food, and, most importantly, opening Christmas presents. However, one of the most stressful parts of Christmas morning is unwrapping presents in front of all your relatives who are just dying to see your reaction. So it needs to be calculated as you don’t offend anyone, and also let the relatives that got you the best present know that they’ve done an amazing job. Here is a guide on how to react to different types of gifts:


The “Expected” Present

Now, this is the present that normally comes from your parents or a really close family member that you’ve been sending links to since last year’s Christmas. Always open these presents first so you still have the energy to pretend like you didn’t know your parents were going to get you that extremely rare 1943 nickel collectable that you’ve been hinting at everytime your parents have started talking about Christmas presents. Pretend like you truly didn’t know that’s what you were going to get, to at least give your parents that satisfaction of thinking they came up with that gift idea on their own.

The “Repeat” Present

These types of presents come from the distant family members or family friends that know absolutely nothing about you besides the photos that your mom posts on Facebook. You have to pretend as if you really did need those socks and scarfs even though you have a growing pile from all the previous years they’ve been getting you the same gift. Even put the fuzzy socks on right in front of them so they really believe you needed them. You can say: “Wow! I’ve been meaning to buy some for myself! How’d you know?”

If you get a chance however, take them to your room and conveniently leave your sock drawer open, hoping that they’ll get the hint. You can even mention that you have to do a whole separate laundry load for all the socks you own because there’s so many of them.

The “Childish” Present

These presents are, by far, the most difficult to hold back a disappointed reaction. They generally consist of stuffed animals, too colorful clothing, and gift cards to places that you stopped shopping at years ago and are nearly going out of business. What am I going to do with a Toys R Us gift card, or a 7th grade-level book? Nevertheless, you still have to act grateful and happy to be opening those presents. When all the relatives have gone to start preparing Christmas dinner, trade presents with one of your siblings and very blatantly mention at the dinner table what teens your age like “these days.”

The “Best” Present

Always save the presents from the cool aunts/uncles for last. These are the presents that your parents are never willing to buy for you and get the most genuine reaction out of you. Gasp in shock when you see something that you really like and maybe even put a hand over your heart or grab a tissue to wipe the non existent tear running down our cheek. Overdramatically get up from your seat and give the person that gave you the gift a huge hug, hoping that your exaggerated reaction will inspire everyone else step up their gift-buying game.