Learn To Rule


The Bazillions

Students are taking this movement very seriously.

Prahalad Chari, Staff Writer

In light of the recent salary negotiations between FUSD and FUDTA, teachers have started Work to Rule. However, teachers are not the only group of people who are unsatisfied with the situation. All over the district, a new movement is taking place—one that is spreading quicker than any other previous movement. Students all over FUSD have declared a state of “Learn To Rule.”

The newly formed Fremont Unified Student Association (FUSA) has mandated that all students only learn during school hours. The goal of this is to show support for the teachers. The hope is that this movement will enrage the parents of all children, and get them to further petition the district. During Learn to Rule, students only do school work during school hours, or whatever time that is explicitly said in the syllabus. Since most syllabi do not contain the hours mandated to do homework, students don’t do it. This drastically changed the way teachers grade.

“Since my teacher grades on a curve, we are all getting a 100!” said Niente Compiti, a senior. “Now I can add ‘peaceful protests’ to my college application!”

While this movement may bring down the grades of the students in the long run, there are some surprising benefits. Teachers are now reporting that they are no longer behind on grading because there is simply nothing to grade. This leaves the teachers with more time for their favorite hobby: how to pass their students meeting the minimum requirement. Even better, the time no longer spent on grading means that the district is not receiving more than 4x the strongly worded emails from the teachers and parents.

From the district’s end, this is a disaster. Not only do they have to address the problem that the entire school district is failing, but they also are facing increasing tensions both from teachers and very angry parents.