Choose your MCU Personality



Akshita Nair, Staff Writer

Are you an…

Avenger: You are courageous and unwilling to back down, even when all the odds are against you. Sure, you have basically no chance of escaping or winning considering the fact that you are missing most of your limbs and a small, itsy-bitsy part of your brain, but that’ll hardly keep you from at least trying. Self-sacrifice for the sake of others when the teacher finds out someone cheated on a test? You betcha. Go into the time-vortex to fill in that one answer on the quiz and possibly mess up or die on your way? Oh, definitely. Wear the Infinity Gauntlet to make the people you hate in the school disappear? Please, you’re not an amateur. You one of Irvington’s mightiest defenders, and if you can’t save your AP scores, then your enemies can be sure you’ll damn well avenge it.


Guardian of the Galaxy: Let’s face it, you’re not exactly known in the realms that you visit, but it’s not like you’re visiting to be famous anyways. You just came to do what your title claims, defend them, and defend them good. And at times, you come back to school just to see what’s going on. And you regret it every time. You may have to fight an immortal teacher every now and then, or challenge a weird alien cheerleader to a dance battle, but you know what your job entails. You’re known throughout the school by your stupid alibi like “Star Lord” or whatever (that you think is cool but really it’s not) and you have at least two or more alien creatures as part of your posse. Most of them won’t take you seriously, not even the talking tree, but you still manage to keep your wits intact and stay sane in this crazy, insane galaxy.


Asgardian: You’re immortal and a god (or at least a secretly adopted child of a Giant Frost King), so yeah, you pretty much got it all. And the students at your school are jealous. You are constantly surviving assassination attempts by your jealous peers and are able to lift a high school diploma that for some reason determines whether people are worthy or not. You are almost always trying to save Irvington from falling into evil hands because every century someone or the other will want to rule. Odin’s Beard, you never really get a break do you? I mean keeping up the status of a god and a student, and being punished by your immortal father to a mortal land, it just gets tiring. But then again, you can live forever and slam them haters with a hammer if they don’t listen, so you’re pretty good to go.


Confused High School Student: So, somehow you got powers all of a sudden. Where they came from, you have absolutely no idea, but hey, it’s pretty cool. You’ve got powers that you barely have any idea how to use, and in a world full of adult superheroes who will constantly outshine you, you just want to be alone so you can finish you Pre Calc homework. But alas, saving the world is a must, and a hobby that takes up a lot of your time. Keeping your identity secret and still talking to your crush may be difficult, and at times impossible, but you’ll manage. Don’t worry, after all, college is only a few years away and you’ve got some spare time to save the world and still make it to prom.