Cats, Comics, and CCA: Annaka Payne


Think about a preschooler trying to draw. Trying to draw a cat for example. It wouldn’t look like a cat, more like a monster. It wasn’t that great. It was lower than many people’s standards. Well the thing is, I wasn’t really into art, I just doodled a lot, make comics.  But then, in that same time I saw other people’s art, and I was like, “it’s not that great,” My own art kind of went down from that. 

My friend in sixth grade taught me how to properly draw animals since I was really into it. Cuz I was drawing little comics during class, so then I progressed further into getting the art classes to try to improve my skills to get much more branched to get into different types of art like sculpting for example. When I first made my very complex design, I was actually very, very proud of it because it was one of the most longest characters I’ve done.

I want to become a character designer because it’s really been a hobby for me because my friend introduced me to art. Yes, I’m in CCA. 

I do digital and traditional art. It was after watching several movies and listening to music that I got inspiration from one artist that had really cool design, and I said why not try to take that challenge and make one of my own. When I posted one of my characters when I drew a speedpaint, and it got viral for a bit, and it earned me a lot of followers. 

When my parents saw that I was really getting into design, and decided to support me through it, and were willing to take me to an art college and go to art museums. My parents saw I was really into art and decided to buy me stuff and take me to places that involves art so I can get inspired for them. My mom still keeps the really bad ones in her room.

 I’m actually somewhat decent at art. Even though I don’t exactly like my art in a way, because a lot of people do that, if it feels nice that I can possibly help more people become artists, help them with their own skills. My art is more cuteish.  I would like to go to Ringling College for Design because that’s where a lot of great artists go to and get really cool jobs. In the future, I’d want to work in Pixar Studios designing characters for future movies. I’d also like to just be a good person in the art community. I look up to one of my favorite artists, their name is Syrinq. They don’t reveal their name and their art is truly amazing.

My biggest goal is probably to improve my own art skills, have more like an easier way to talk about it, what I’m doing and stuff, so people can have a better understanding of what I actually do. I post speedpaints of what I do. I post all my pictures of what I do.

Once I was really down because I didn’t really think that what I was doing was really useful and productive for my time, but then I realized that my friend was right about how I need to just keep on going because I have done things that I thought I never improved on that was really important.When people decide to be jerks in life, they don’t comment bad things, because they know to not exactly mess when someone really wants to get into that kind of stuff, they just ignore it. 

Just don’t give up even if you’re saying it yourself you’re just down at the moment but you’re going to improve later on.