Gift Giving Guide for Special Snowflakes!

Darsh Singhania, Staff Writer

It’s the holiday season and we all know what we want to get for our really close friends. The biggest problem is getting gifts for those special people in your life that need something more. This guide will show you how to go the extra mile for them with amazing DIY gifts!



Have you been searching for the best way to treat your gamer friends this holiday season (assuming that those gamers have friends)? Maybe you don’t know if they play pc or console, and choosing the wrong system would earn you verbal abuse for the next week. Maybe you don’t have the money to afford super expensive hardware that can cost as much as 3 AirPods. Well, search no longer, because this is the BEST do-it-yourself kit for your favorite epic gamer! The patented Ex-Box comes with an X-box logo cutout (tape sold separately), paint, and three cardboard boxes. Simply paint the boxes, apply the sticker logo, and use a hammer (not included) to destroy the cardboard. Now you have the perfect ex-box for your favorite friend!


Smart Kid

High school is an absolute grind with tough AP courses, demanding and unfair teachers (sometimes), and high-stakes pressure from parents. At Irvington, good grades are often very personally satisfying and good test scores can make people’s days, while bad grades can cause temper tantrums, sad boi hours, and more. But what becomes really annoying is when people flex their grades to their peers, especially without asking, like when you ask a friend how they’re doing and the answer is “My life is terrible I only have a 94% in AP Chemistry”. For those smart alecs in your life, buy them the hottest new grade flexing app around, called NCFlex! At first glance, the app looks like just like School Loop Break, with all the same menus and screens. When they type in their information into the app, it will show all their grades as NC, and will also corrupt their school loop data to ensure that it shows NC on the real school loop app as well. Obviously, NCFlex doesn’t actually change your friend’s grades, but the effects linger until the next time their teachers add something to the grade book. 🙂


Teacher’s Pet

Letters of recommendation are very important to get into a good college from Irvington, due to the high levels of competition in the student body. After all, for many people, college is more important than really anything else in the world to them. That’s probably why we see more suck-ups and teacher’s pets at IHS than anywhere else in California. Not to worry if you can’t find a good gift for one though! If these people will do and say anything a teacher tells them, they deserve a gift that fits that attitude. Get some leather cords, velcro straps, or ribbon (depending on your budget, construction paper works too), then go to Ms. Berbawey’s class and make a small dog tag. Customize the gift by either carving the teacher’s name into the tag, or a bone if you’re feeling more kind. Enjoy!



Have you noticed that one friend that always comes over talks more to your mom than with you? Is it getting slightly annoying that they both expose your baby pictures and dumb comments to each other? Is it getting on your nerves and you just want to stop hearing it? The perfect holiday gift for this is right around the corner! This gift will require some set up, but it’ll be worth it. First, find your parent’s old ring case, the kind that snaps open to reveal the engagement ring. Then write down your mom’s number on some fancy paper and roll it up and press it into the box. Finally, instruct your mom to get down on one knee at your obligatory Christmas party and spring the question: “Can I text you?” And just like that, you never have to hear their gossiping again!


Competitive Kid

We all have that one friend that refuses to allow anyone else to win, possibly because of all the traumatic pressure they had put on them when they were a kid. Whether it’s screaming at the board during Kahoot or throwing the ball at people’s face to incapacitate them during Dodgeball (no that is NOT being a good sportsman), these special snowflakes deserve extra special gifts. The solution is pretty simple: get them a participation trophy. More likely than not, these overcompetitive kids will hate that people around them also get trophies for simply showing up, so getting them this very trophy will make them the object of their own hate.