Families at Irvington: CCA: Frankie Jensen

Joy Kuo, Staff Writer

I first heard about CCA from my mother because she teaches here. I joined CCA because I really didn’t want to go to Mission, and I really like theatre. I hoped to gain friends and a good high school experience. I made a lot of friends through CCA. A lot of people that were in my freshman year class are now also in my junior year class, so it was really cool seeing everyone. I feel like the people in my classes are more similar to me. It’s more fun in the classes because they are not scared to say anything, and everyone talks. Even though there is an audition process, this year they kind of just threw people in just because they already go to Irvington. There are a lot of people in the period before mine who are not supposed to be in CCA.

My biggest achievement is what I am doing right now. I like being assistant director for Mr. Ballin because it is different than what I’ve done before. I feel like it’s just better. It’s good to see another side of things. Being in CCA, I got to see things being taught different because in Hopkins, I wasn’t in CCA since it didn’t exist. Being assistant director, I am not back stage anymore. I watch from the front, which is weird because I get to yell at people now.

If someone is considering doing CCA, they should do it because it is so much fun. The people there are weird, and they make funny jokes. Everyone is there to have a good time in class even if we don’t learn something that day. Everyone is just messing around, so it’s fun.”