Emerging Boyband Covid-19 Set on Taking Over the World


Covid-19 poses for a Vogue photo shoot that will publicize their world tour.

Sanjose Godiva, Covid-19’s Manager

Covid-19 is a boyband that started getting popular early this year. It is a group of 19 incredibly talented and good-looking young boys that have captured the hearts and lungs minds of everyone. Worldwide they seem to have hundreds of thousands of fans who eagerly wait for new music everyday. 

It is no surprise that after the breakup of the one-time famous band Ebola, boyband fanatics needed another group to leech onto. With a similar musical vibe but still unique, Covid-19 emerged in early 2020. Fans,especially young girls, have made it their duty to stan these men till their death. 

Earlier this year, the band released their album called Hand Sanitizer. The album had such a huge impact that fans all over the world sold out hand sanitizer from their local stores. The craze also continued on to selling out toilet paper, following their latest single Toilet Paper. Despite these absurd song titles and album names, the group has managed to brand themselves both locally and worldwide.

At first, the group only performed for small crowds, but as their music started travelling to other countries from the group’s home country, they received more fame. A lot of people even doubted whether they deserved the hype they were getting in the beginning. One Twitter user took his opinion to the platform saying: “Stop hyping up Covid-19, they’re not even that good. The original kings Ebola were much better.” But the few loyal fans never gave in to the hate and continued to support these boys. 

Now with a fanbase of more than 300,000, the group has decided that a world tour will only add to their success while catering to those who love them dearly. 

“We’ve already done a few concerts here and there, but a world tour will make it more official,” said one of the band members.

The tour includes stops from East Asia to North America. The band has decided to not leave out a single country and infect entertain all of their fans.

“Once my friend went to a Covid-19 concert and she had so much fun that the paramedics had to take her out on a stretcher,” said Twitter user covid19steponme. “They’re just so hot, I might just catch a fever.”

The fans are all obviously very excited and are already deciding what outfits they’re wearing to the concerts. Some are wearing the official Covid-19 merch like masks, hazmat suits and gloves. The fans are even carrying hand sanitizer to throw on stage when the band comes out as a special thank you for inspiring them everyday.

“Covid-19 has done so much for me, I’ve started doing things I’ve never done before.” said Twitter user marrymecovid19. “They’ve inspired me to start washing my hands regularly and not touch my face which has improved my acne.”

With a huge anticipating fanbase, Covid-19 is ready to tour the world and make their mark on the music industry.