Question Bread: Origins


Justin Kim, Copy Editor

When Bread is not busy producing more award-winning singles, he enjoys lying around at home with sunglasses on.

(rap it)

Y’all better baguette ready for my story:

It all started when I rose in the oven.

Went against the grain, didn’t need any leaven.

Naan of the others could even compare to me

My level of intelligence, my curiosity.

I ask questions that no carb has ever asked.

I ain’t got no time to chat about my past.

I left the kitchen, a fresh loaf of innocence 

Got exposed to the world and came back all sourdough.

This world’s so vile and twisted like a pretzel

I can’t help but be a little existential.

I took to the streets when I was just a crumb.

Trying to disguise how I felt so numb.


Everything is just so questionable

Can’t help but think about why I came to be

What this life is for me

I’m nothing but some grain and some flour

Put together for someone to grab and eat

But that’s not the answer I knead.

Some of you may remember Bread from last year’s issue of VOID. He dearly misses his job from then. Question Bread will come back soon after being released from quarantine.