Fact Check: FUSD Class of ’20 High School Graduation


In light of a recent board meeting and a petition regarding high school graduation ceremonies, the IHS Voice would like to fact check ongoing social media discussions regarding Class of 2020 graduation.

  • FUSD High Schools will officially be holding virtual graduations, but have not closed the door on in-person graduations. The district is doing this in the event COVID resurges and in-person events are impossible. While students are technically graduated after June and are not FUSD students anymore, Director of Secondary Education Zack Larsen claims FUSD will be flexible with regards to holding future in-person graduations.
  • Discussion of drive-through graduation: currently, students are picking up their cap and gown at their school sites, but the district is worried that an official drive-through graduation will lead to celebratory behaviors and a disruption to traffic in neighborhoods. However, they did not address celebratory concerns that a drive-through cap and gown pickup may also cause.
  • While the district is using the $30,000 of in-person graduation funds for the virtual graduation, there have been no definitive decisions of reallocating those funds for anything else. There was, however, discussion about whether those funds would be needed to be used to ship diplomas, yearbooks, and other things to students.
  • Schools throughout the Bay Area are taking different approaches to HS graduation.

Please let us know if we made any mistakes in our fact-checking. Stay tuned as we talk to Irvington students and staff about their opinions on FUSD’s decision.