Tips and Advice to Enjoy the Pandemic


Amanda Krause (Business Insider)

Fabulous mask designs meant to help you get a good conversation with your besties.

It’s that time of year again. Everything is beautiful and the sun shines in the orange-tinted sky. The current apocalyptic conditions make it the perfect time to head outside and meet friends. But there’s just one problem that people have been taking too seriously… COVID-19.

So how do we deal with this pandemic nonsense and relax with other people? The key to having fun with others outside and in-person is to not worry about the restrictions. Disregard them, in fact. If we’re going by hide-and-seek rules, if you can’t see it, it probably doesn’t really exist, and that applies especially to the virus. Sure, cases are “rising more than ever” here in California and we are approaching a “dire situation”, but who cares? In America, masks are ugly little pieces of cloth meant to suffocate a person’s right to free speech – and I for one am over that abuse.

But at the same time, do buy a mask. Wear it around your neck whenever you feel like taking a walk outside your house. Not only will you look really cool to mask-wearing “model citizens”, but the world can see your unadorned face and post a video of you on Tiktok. You’ll be internet-famous in no time, which is always a plus.

It’s time to start having fun with others again and going outside. When you’re hanging out with your friends, remember to have your mask stuffed in your pocket at all times. Why? Well obviously, masks are for chumps and the liberal snowflakes who don’t drink Jack Daniels whiskey before vandalizing their local Carl’s Jr. At any rate, pictures are an absolute must each time you hang out with your friends. After you’ve spent about a solid hour posing while mask-less, make sure to post them on Instagram. Pester everyone following you to like your post so that anyone still at home can feel salty that they don’t have any friends to hang out with.

Going outside these days doesn’t have to be restricted to just after school hours either. Now that we’re all learning from a computer screen, you could go anywhere in the world to take your classes. To really make your school days feel like summer, we suggest going to a high traffic tourist area. Maybe go visit a local campsite and enjoy the heat with your friends and family. Maybe even international to a country like Brazil or Italy, who have had virtually ZERO cases, since there’s bound to be tons of local food there to try out. When going out for food, be sure to thank the vendors properly with a nice handshake (and no mask, of course). Give them a hug while you’re at it too – everyone loves to be appreciated. Now that we’re in this extended summer break, nothing’s holding you back anymore.   

So for the time being, just vibe and have fun. Enjoy the many luxuries that the world has to offer when you can. Hang out with people right this instant or you’ll be going back to school and never having fun again.