What Your Relatives are Like During Christmas

Alright, it’s December, and whenever someone says December, you automatically think of Christmas and the two week “break”, in which you’ll probably get up even earlier and grind to get into Stanford, or if you’re a senior you’ll be questioning every word on your Common App. Even though you shouldn’t be meeting up with others this year, we can all reminisce together on previous years, where we were dragged to Christmas parties by our parents. Grab your Swiss Miss or your home-made boba and let’s discuss the type of people you are guaranteed to meet at a Christmas party.

Let’s begin with probably the most common type, the Christmas Caroller. These people will always be singing horrible Christmas music way too loudly. They will also always be memorizing new songs, adding to their repertoire and adding to your suffering. With a failed career in music, despite all their motivational Instagram posts, everyone knows they are truly sad inside. The Christmas Caroller will refuse to do or participate in any activity besides karaoke, making them even more of a pain to be around.

The movie enthusiast is a person we all know well, whether we like them or not. This person treats Rotten Tomatoes like the Bible, and worships a holy shrine of Christopher Nolan. and will not watch a movie with a score of under 75%. Somehow, they will know every actor in the movie you are watching, and will constantly compare the actors to their previous performances. This does come with the heavy cost of a lack of common sense. Overall, the movie enthusiast isn’t all bad. With him/her around, at least you know you’re going to watch a good movie.

The baby. Not much is needed to be said here, we all hate this devil spawn who steals the joy from our lives and the party. The minute that the baby arrives, they start crying. The parents know the horror they bring to these parties, and will at all costs, avoid taking care of their baby when they are crying. They are the reason you despise opening presents, because you know if their Spiderman present is the wrong color, there is going to be a symphony of tears louder than the Christmas Caroller’s Spotify playlist..

Up next, the anxiety freak. This person is not necessarily someone we despise, but someone who somehow raises our own stress levels. The anxiety freak is usually the one in charge of the preparing food, which is the cause of their stress. You don’t mind as much because their food is usually top notch, but they do have their mess ups. They will have a panic attack if there is one less spoon or napkin. Their mentality of “why can’t everything just be perfect” is really the only thing that you may hold against them, but overall they are chill.

Finally, let’s discuss our favorite person at the party, the gift giver. The gift giver, who usually pulls up in a truck, comes loaded with a bag of gifts for everyone. You know that they have stalked your and everyone else’s social media and search history to figure out what they want, but you’re okay with it. Because they are giving gifts to everyone, they have to cut back on the quality of the gift, scavenging through Forbes’s list of “best Christmas presents under 10 dollars”. But hey it’s the thought that counts right. The gift giver is guilty however of hogging the champagne and leaving the party drunk. Although they are the ones driving Santa’s sleigh of gifts to the party, they will always need someone to drive them back.