Homecoming Court Candidate: Nosheen Ullah

“It’s really exciting to be on homecoming court because it’s fun to do all the core activities like the reveal, and everything else.To me, homecoming court means that the students think you’re a good representation.
The main thing that I’ve contributed to Irvington vis planning a lot of events at school through ASB over the past four years as vice president, class president, and now president. More importantly, the thing I’m most proud of is that through meeting people through ASB, DECA, debate colorguard, and the other activities I’ve done, I have made a lot of connections. I always try to talk to underclassmen who are going through the same things I did and give them advice.
I would say I’m most passionate about making the school a little bit better for different people because although I’ve had a relatively positive high school experience, I know that that’s not the case for everyone. So I would like to host activities and talk to people to make their experience just a little better.
I think I’m most inspired by the upperclassmen who helped me out through high school like the DECA and ASB presidents and even those who really excelled at a certain sport or musical instrument. I think those types of people really inspired me to become the best version of myself and try to excel in everything I do.
My most distinct memory of high school is when I had an oral presentation in sixth period one day and I started the book the day of and I read it the entire day between every single class and passing period. It was the biggest grind of my life but totally worth it.Obviously, I have a lot of other memories from spirit weeks and DECA competitions but, I thought that memory would be funnier. To anyone watching or reading or listening, don’t do that.”