Fall is the Best Season: I Will Tell You Why


All aboard the Millennial Falcon- Han Solo season has officially begun. PC: ahseeit.com

Oversized sweaters. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place. Now that we’re well into Fall, it can be easy to forget what makes the season so wonderful, especially with California jumping between climates throughout the day. But don’t let the dreary mornings juxtaposed with warm afternoons and nightfall at 5:30 let you lose sight of the fact that everyone has blanket permission to do nothing but eat pumpkin-flavored baked goods and watch Tim Burton movies for the next 2 months. Despite being sabotaged by college apps and white women cosplaying Han Solo, Fall remains the best season. 

First off, Fall’s holidays reign supreme. Before the September page can even be torn out of the calendar, Spirit Halloweens magically appear in every shopping center throughout North America. No sooner do the aforementioned Spirit Halloweens clear the last shelf of decorations before Thanksgiving menus begin being planned. And the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner are barely refrigerated before Christmas decorations are pulled out of garages. The air of festivity that settles over the country at the start of Fall lingers through until early Winter; excitement about seeing family, vacation days, and delicious food is ever-prevalent. As soon as one holiday ends, anticipation for the next begins. 

The same cannot be said for Summer, Spring, or Winter. Summer, full of nothing but heatwaves and crowded swimming pools. Spring, which is famously devoid of any significant holidays or vacations, and Winter, which, aside from Christmas, contains nothing but drab and rainy days that stretch on endlessly, cannot hold a candle. The constant celebration throughout the autumnal months, lifting everyone’s spirits as the air grows cooler, is most certainly one of the highlights of the year.

Fall also has its own distinct cuisine. Sure, there are certain foods associated with Spring and Summer, but no season is as characterized by its flavors as Fall. Before I continue, I want to make it clear that this article has not been sponsored by Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, or any other business that fuels the pumpkin spice industry. However, it is this flavor that defines mid-to-late fall. It can be found in everything, making up the same delicious lattes and donuts that emerge every fall, and some other foods that weirdly seem to work. 

The reason that the flavor, and, by extension, Autumn, is so iconic is due to the way it appeals to the olfactory system. According to sensory neurologist Dr. John McGann, the “pumpkin spice” actually contains a multitude of spices that are closely tied to the holiday season and even historically prosperous times such as the autumnal harvests. The scent is literally linked to “[evoking] the natural emotions of human beings,” states the executive chocolatier of Godiva, Thierry Muret. It’s distinct pungency and associated memories remind the eater of happier times, therefore making the consumer happier in turn. Pumpkin spice is not the only flavor associated with fall- peppermint and discount bags of Halloween candy also have their place on the palate. But when it comes to those defining flavors, what is more significant than pumpkin spice- the flavor designed to make you happy?  

There are countless amazing things about Fall; the weather is cold enough to spend a day inside, but just warm enough to spend a day out observing Halloween decorations and the changing leaves. We get an extra hour of sleep courtesy of Daylight Savings. Seasonal shopping deals. And aside from all of these extra perks, it reigns superior in the two categories we really care about: parties and food. Honestly, Fall’s supremacy in these categories alone should cement its place as the perfect season. All the other advantages are just icing on the cake- or, should we say, whipped cream on the pumpkin pie.