Letter to the Editor (Affirmative Action)

Dear Editor,

I recently read the opinion piece in The Voice titled “Affirmative Action is Un-American.” The piece made some solid points about how everyone should be treated fairly. However, it still provides a biased perspective that leaves out a variety of details. The piece mainly focuses on the concept that affirmative action benefits Black students more than Asian students. However, the piece was written by an Asian student. Additionally, Irvington High School is a primarily Asian school, lacking the perspectives of white, Latinx, and Black people, all of which were mentioned in the article. 

The piece also failed to mention the main benefactors of affirmative action are white women, which dispels a lot of the article’s main points. Furthermore, the article established the idea of Black people receiving the advantage and failed to acknowledge why affirmative action was created in the first place. Affirmative action was created to help the people who were not given the equal rights they deserved earlier in life. The article claimed it made things less equal, although it appears to make things more equal. Unfortunately, it is not the most efficient solution. Affirmative action is not the perfect idea, but it does help Americans achieve the equal rights they deserve. If anything, that makes it more American.

-Isha Rajan(9)