Question Man: What would be the worst fictional universe to end up in? How would you survive?

A universe where buses fall from the sky and you would have to live underground. If you dig too close to the surface, the ground would cave in, so you’d have to dig pretty far down.

– Chinthan Patwardhan (9)

The Lord of the Rings trilogy. To survive, I would disguise myself as Bilbo or one of his friends because I’m short. But I’m also not athletic, so I’d probably just hide under a rock or something instead of going with them.

– Anika Mohan (10)

“The Harry Potter universe, specifically in the year below him. Every single year since he got there, things got messed up and the year below him had to deal with unprecedented attacks. To survive, I would skip school.”

– Anusha Ravishankar (11)

I’m not the most athletic person, so probably Naruto. The things they have in that show could destroy the planet. I would survive by making ninja tools or just having a normal job at a flower shop.

– Colin Pham (12)