16 Personalities: Lawrence Jia (ENTP-A)


Crystal Chen

Lawrence Jia (9) is an ENTP-A

My name is Lawrence and I’m a ninth-grader at Irvington High School. I’ve never taken the MBTI quiz before, but I think I’m pretty outgoing so I think I’ll get an extroverted personality type.

I enjoy participating in group activities. I enjoy having hangouts with my friends, and other group activities such as activities in English and Health class, or just small get-togethers. Usually, my friends and I would go to the movies, you know, there’s a lot of new Marvel movies coming out and so we’re always trying to watch them. Sometimes, we go to Great America because there are not a lot of other places to go around here. 

After Taking the 16 Personalities Quiz

I found out I’m an ENTP. I’m 81% extroverted and 51% intuitive, meaning I just go with the flow. I’m also more of a thinking person than a feeling person. I’m more assertive than turbulent. Basically, ENTPs like talking about controversial topics and are not scared to be questioned or speak out. I resonated a lot with the line “with time, many debaters realize that the ideal life involves other people and not spending too much energy on winning arguments,” because I read a book and it said the exact thing, which was just such a coincidence.

I play basketball a lot in my free time. At first, it was because a lot of my friends played it, and then now I’m on the [Irvington basketball] team. Other than that, I also want to learn how to code and a lot of other things.

 I think I stay really calm like during my midterms when I was under a lot of pressure. I also don’t often worry about overall ability and knowledge if I ever make a mistake or anything. I mean, honestly, I just live my life. I don’t really contemplate why I’m alive and instead just live it. I don’t really think about what I’m doing: I just do it and just go with the flow, and feel confident that things would work out for me.

Still, there are some parts where I disagree. I don’t really agree with how they said I pick out every single thing. Most of the time  I’m not really the type of person to argue unless there’s something I actually disagree with. If it was just a normal conversation, I’m not gonna go out of my way to demoralize them by saying, “Oh, this is wrong. This is wrong. This is wrong.”

Before taking the quiz, I didn’t think that it would be accurate at all. I thought it would be something like astrology signs where they say I’m gonna be either this or that. But this actually kind of describes me. It’s pretty accurate, for the most part, it’s really on point.