Experience the Exploratorium: a Behind-the-Scenes Look and Overview of Prom


Nichelle Wong Students gather in front of the DJ and slow dance to “18” by One Direction on the dance floor.

On Saturday, May 21, Irvington High School held its prom at the San Francisco Exploratorium from 7 pm to 11 pm. Prom is arguably the most highly anticipated event, and this year was certainly no exception, especially as the first prom for Irvington High since 2019. 

The venue was split into three main sections: photos, dining, and dancing. Upon arrival, students were greeted with a photo booth and a 360-degree video booth surrounded by tables filled with an array of props. Deeper into the museum, students explored indoor and outdoor galleries such as bubble trays, thermal cameras, and gravity-defying chairs. Students also took advantage of the beautiful San Francisco skyline backdrop, taking pictures out on the pier. The dance floor, located at the heart of the room, was crowded with hundreds of students screaming, jumping, and crowd surfing. Food stands with crepes, poke, ice cream waffle tacos, were located off to the side, alongside two self-serve chocolate fountains. 

However, problems regarding ticket sales arose during the weeks leading up to prom. Many had complained about the pricey tickets, claiming the event to be a rip-off. 

“The total cost of prom was close to $75,000,” stated ASG’s prom coordinator Prachi Roy (12). “The reason the prom was so expensive was because it was a really nice venue [and we also needed to account for]  the food and worker cost, and supply shortages because of the pandemic. Tickets would have cost more than $110, but with the help of funding and fundraisers we were able to knock down the price.”

To justify ticket costs, ASG had a goal of selling 500 tickets, and through actively advertising prom tickets up until the final week, they successfully surpassed their ticket goals.

Many students that were skeptical about the event were pleasantly surprised by their experience. 

“I honestly didn’t expect much out of prom. I thought it was just going to be some boring school dance with people mostly standing around,” said Ellen Zulkarnain (11). “But, it turned out to be a lot of fun, and I had a great time at the museum with my friends.” 

Thanks to countless workers and coordinators behind the scenes along with over six hundred student attendees, prom turned out to be a massive success and a memorable experience for all.