New Electives at Irvington


Not sure what courses to take next year? Here’s our expert opinion on some new classes coming Fall 2024. 

Agriculture 101 (AGRI420)

This course advances students’ understanding of photosynthetic eukaryotes. Students will be engaging in a hands-on project in which they will be performing their own experiments using dihydrogen oxide, a mixture of organic materials, and  electromagnetic radiation from a burning star. Maybe then, and only then, will they finally be able to touch some grass. 

History of Comic Sans (HIST83)

From becoming a hero to dyslexics to the most hated font on the internet, Comic Sans has undeniably left its mark on this cruel, cruel world. This course will be discussing the timeline of the birth of Comic Sans to becoming a dead meme, and it’ll also be uncovering the underlying psychology of bandwagoning. Seriously, what has Comic Sans ever done to you?

“I struck down helvetica.”

  • Comic Sans, probably 

Communication is Sexy (COM69)

Finally, something useful in a communications major. Ladies! No luck with the bachelors? Fellas! No luck with the ladies? Nonbinaries! Queers! Asexuals!

Here’s the big secret, my friends. Don’t like what he did? Communicate it. Don’t like what she said? Communicate it. Felt your boundaries being violated? Again, communicate it. Stop posting about it on r/relationshipadvice. I’d highly recommend this class because it seems like a lot of you need it.

Conspiracy Theories, Or Are They?? (SCI51)

Area 51ers. Flat earthers. 5Gers. Anti vaxxers. You’ve found your safe space. Here, we’ll discuss in detail about the horrids of the American government, develop critical thinking skills, and further expand our minds until we can communicate with the illuminati. 

Teacher: Shane Dawson

Cool Math Games (CMG12)

If you’re looking for something fun but challenging, look no further! In this course, we’ll be playing through the entire list of games A-Z on That’s Duck Life 3, Run 2, and The World’s Hardest Game. I hope you brought your Papa’s Freezeria game face.

Course requirements: AP Precalculus 

Grading: Pass/No pass

GEN Z  3 (LANG26)

Though you’re all probably well spoken in this language already, GEN Z 3 is a course where students will be tested to their absolute academic limits. Vocabulary is endless. Tests are brutal. If you’re not doom scrolling on Tiktok for every waking hour of your life, I’d suggest passing on this one. 

Final project: perform renegade for the class