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Measure E Brings Technological Advancements To The District

IT Specialist Nicholas Chapman made sure teachers were able to connect to the new wifi.

Fiona Zhao and Felicia Mo

November 28, 2018

As part of the latest technological updates funded by the Measure E bond, a $650 million obligation allocated in June 2014, FUSD’s IT Upgrade Project has implemented four new wireless network systems across all schools, along with digital clocks in Irvington classrooms this October. Convenience aside...

Massive Expansion for Irvington’s IP Cloud

Sabir Utamsing

December 7, 2011

IHS expands its IP pool nearly four fold Over Thanksgiving break,  Mr. Johns was at school multiplying the school’s IP pool nearly four times. The way a network works is there is a router with a certain amount of IP addresses. Every device that connects to the router is a assigned a temporary IP a...

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