Question Man – Summer

Q: What is your craziest summer memory?

Freshman Moniyka Sachar- “Going to Santa Cruz Boardwalk, eating four 75 cent hotdogs and then getting sick on the Dipper :).

Sophomore Karina Uchiumi- “When I was sitting in the car waiting for my parents to check into a hotel in Colorado, there were these kids staring at my sister and me. They were absolutely amazed that Asian people exist.”

Junior Valentine Gonzalez- “I went to the Vans Warped tour, and I went in the mosh pit with my friends Dylan and Nick.”

Senior Annie Lou- “I went to LA with my cousin and we went to a Korean burrito truck. But the line was ridiculously long, and so this guy started like ripping off some of his clothes and spinning on his head and break dancing. It was really strange.”

Teacher Ms. Victoria Vincench- “Ms. Palos and I spent the best $4 of our lives and swam in the Sea of Cortes for a week straight.”