Music Review – Paramore’s “Brand New Eyes”

11-track album that will keep fans on the edge of their seats

Hey there, Paramore fan! Yes, YOU. Remember Paramore’s hot album “Riot!”, which put them in the spotlight among the hundreds and thousands of rock bands out there? If you loved “Riot!” as much as I did, then prepare to be excited!

Paramore’s brand new album– “Brand New Eyes” is coming out on Tuesday, September 29th. Coincidentally, the release date is the birthday of guitarist Josh Farro!

Lots of ideas were tossed around for the album name until all the members found one that clicked. Taking “Brand New Eyes” from a discarded song, the name represents how in order to move on to the future and grow up, the band needs to see everything in a new perspective.

After hearing about the new album, I immediately listened to the 2 available songs on (the official Paramore site with blogs, videos, and more) and compared them to their old albums, “All We Know is Falling” and “Riot!”

The guitar was awesome, as always, and the vocals were one of a kind. Paramore’s new songs retained their rocking guitar chords and Hayley’s unique voice. Unlike bands that can’t come up with new songs, these two new album songs that I’ve heard are “fresh material.” They have different guitar chords, and you can distinguish them from old rip-offs.

If you like Paramore’s music, or if you’re looking for new songs to listen to, then I recommend “Brand New Eyes.” I’m definitely anticipating the date of its release!