Bump, Set, Spike, Win!

Irvington volleyball girls show their skills, and work as a team.

Through a series of remarkable blocks, spikes, and over-hand serves, Girls’ volleyball came out of their pre-season and proved that they were in charge. They were ready for anything that was thrown at them. In the first game of the season, girl’s volleyball played Mission San Jose High school. Mission, aka “Sugar Hill”, may not be well known for their football team, but when it comes to volleyball, Mission has quite a few talented players. Our girls didn’t let that bother them, and both JV and varsity players gave it all they got in what was an extremely intense first game.

The JV team only played two games, and the score was close. The JV girls had to give this win to Mission, the JV players kept their hopes up when cheering for their varsity players. The varsity players had an extremely close game, winning best out of five. For the first two games Mission was in the lead, but our varsity girls quickly regained control. As the score board shifted back and forth between Mission and Irvington in the final three games, the crowd watched without knowing what was going to happen next. Then Irvington with the final serve scored the winning point of the game, making it 25 to 23.

“This year we had a strong pre-season and we hope to work off of that, and currently we are working on our over-hand serves on the JV team,” says JV volleyball coach Mrs. Breanne McCallum, “We expect the sophomores to be leaders and they are doing a great job”. The Volleyball pre-season began in late August and the girls have been practicing ever since. The tough pre-season may have been difficult but the girls worked together and practiced every day.

“Our team has a lot of talent, but we just need to work on putting all the talents together,” says sophomore JV player Zarin Khan, “Our goal would probably be to put our skills together, improve our over-hand serves, and our communication on the court. With these small things our team can be unstoppable”
IHS volleyball players had a tough game, but they supported each other no matter how frustrating or competitive it got. Even their coaches were behind them one hundred percent, making sure that their players were treated fair.

Everyone at the game noticed that Irvington played as a family, a quality that was greatly appreciated. All of the players are extremely close, and it was obviously beneficial to the quality of their performance.

“Freshman and sophomores are extremely close this year, and we got through a tough pre-season together,” says sophomore JV team captain Ashley Torres, “I’m extremely proud of my team”.

Irvington Volleyball players clearly have enthusiasm and talent this season, and they hope it will be a successful one.