Quick Costumes for Cheap

Your local Halloween store is now in your very own home

Tired of buying overpriced costumes that you know you will only wear once? There’s no need to waste time at the Halloween store anymore, when you can find everything you need at a local thrift store or even at home! Here are some quick and easy costume ideas that will surely catch some attention.

Costume: Robber

With only a ski mask, a black sweater, black pants, a sack full of pretend cash, and a cardboard cut-out of a gun, you can past as a robber any day (but let’s just keep it on Halloween). You can even have a friend dressed as a police officer and chase you in the hallways.

Costume: Piñata

Here’s a simple and easy way to make a truly unique costume. All you need is an old jacket and pants (nylon would work best) and different colors of tissue paper. Cut the tissue paper as shown in the picture to add texture and volume. Make sure to cover all part of your outfit to make it look like a true piñata. Though be careful, people might just hit you, hoping you’d give them candy.

Group costume: Waldo

Find red and white striped shirts, jeans, fake glasses, and red beanies, and you can have a group of Waldos walking around school. Choose which of you will be the real Waldo and post up pictures all over the school to see if anyone can find the “real” Waldo.