Spring Fashion

It’s springtime! The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and now is the time to look your best. For your convenience, The Voice has compiled a few must-haves to items for your spring fashion wardrobe:

Geometric prints- That’s right, geometric prints are taking over fashion runways worldwide. These prints are edgier than the traditional floral get-up, but at the same time they stay true to the softer looks of spring. A printed blouse or cut-off can easily be paired with a darker colored jacket so you can keep up with the crazy weather.
Photo: http://www.shopblessed.com/category/celebrity-style/

Metallics – While spring is generally a time to show-off your softer side, it’s ok to cut lose occasionally with some metallic ware. This ranges all the way from a sultry metallic party dress to a simple silver bag. Caution: try to take this advice from top to bottom. Avoid matching a metallic bottom with a plaid top. As a general rule, just stay away from metallic pants and skirts. Stick with dresses, leggings, tops, and accessories for a more natural luster.
Photo: http://www.baseinchina.com/up_files/images/200959/633775069068106662-Wholesale-Versace-Crinkled-Metallic-Bag–Silver-Model–071217silver.JPG

Matte Nail Polish- Matte, or gloss-less, nail polish seems to be most prominent of fashion trends yet. And it’s a good thing too, because the flat but vivacious color that is in this nail polish goes perfectly with any spring style. The gloss-less attributes bring more attention to the true color of the nail as opposed to the luster. This, in effect, brings the attention back to your outfit, as a whole, and the nail polish become another cohesive part of the main attraction.
Photo: http://img4.realsimple.com/images/0911/trend-pick-nail-polish_300.jpg

Stainless Steel Water Bottles- What started out as green-conscious endeavor has turned into a bold fashion statement. Stainless steel water bottles were originally created in order to limit the number of plastic water bottles that were hauled to landfills. But with all the new colors and designs available, the water bottles can actually serve as accessories. Pastel colors or traditional dark lustery shades can go nicely with any outfit. This practical movement has gained so much popularity that nowadays it’s almost unfashionable not to have one.
Photo: http://learnshareact.com/sustainable/files/2009/07/stainless-steel-water-bottle.jpg

Larger Bags and Purses- The mini-clutch has all but disappeared from the world of casual fashion. The tiny purses, that fit nothing but one chapstick and some dollar bills, are simply not practical enough for everyday use. They have been widely replaced by larger totes and purses which not only carry more, but are much more economical. Some opt for totes that use recycled material for a more earth-friendly look (not to mention more room for that stainless steel water bottle). Others are simply looking for a refreshing change in their wardrobe. Nevertheless, small purses do come in handy, especially at parties where they can look rather chic.
Photo: http://www.felixrey.com/files/imagecache/product/files/option-images/Love_Bag_Front_0.jpg

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