Game on or Not?

International Movie Review

          Jeux d’enfants or Love Me If You Dare starring Marion Cotillard and Guillame Canet and tells a story of two childhood friends, Julien and Sophie.

          Julien and Sophie start a game of dares, starting from something as trivial as speaking out of turn in class to a destructive dare that could endanger one of them. Soon, however, their obsession with the game consumes their lives, blurring the line between reality and the game.

            The film is whimsical, carefree, and flamboyant, but it also encourages readers to question conformity and yet cause the audience to start laughing at the most saddest parts.

            Unfortunately, the movie isn’t very realistic, especially in its overuse of fantasy sequences.

            You might not understand French, but this movie is definitely worth watching. So, come on. Watch it. I dare you. Cap ou pas cap? Game on or not?