300 Students, 1 Bus Route

The cancellation of route 622 upsets students.

The cancelation of a major bus route, #622, has caused delays and overcrowding on route #623 since the beginning of the school year. The new influx of students taking this route requires the use of not one, but two double busses, which is a need that isn’t always met. Most days of the week, there is no second double bus, just a single bus which proves insufficient to accommodate the large number of students.

Driver Samuel Mose states that he is “…trying to get another double bus but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.”

Unfortunately, this means students have to wait for the Horner bus to go through its stops and come back to pick up the remaining students. Because of AC Transit policy, the brimming first bus has to wait for all the students to have a seat and a way home before it can leave. As a result, all students taking that route have to wait to get home until as late as 5 P.M.

Numerous students are heard every day complaining that the delays interfere with the workload and extracurricular activities.

“…it’s frustrating and I have to stay up later to finish my homework after practice,” states one of the students, who requested not to be named.  But until AC Transit and FUSD successfully find a solution, students will have to get used to the changes.