Eco Fair

FIERCEly Go Green

On October 8th, 2011 FIERCE will be holding a green fair at the Fremont hub from 9am-5pm. FIERCE (FremontIans Enabling Real Change in the Environment) is a group of high schools that promotes going green.

Club member Kelsey Wong states “FIERCE is responsible for planning green activities in the district and running the FIERCE garden at American High School. I like FIERCE because the people are really chill and it’s neat to go green”.

At this fair there will be workshops for community members who are interested. These workshops will show you how to make your life a little greener.

They will talk about home gardening, composting, energy conservation, waste reduction and starting school environmental programs. Aside from the workshops there will also be a kids land (with various games and activities for children), an organic and local food court, company and organization booths, school group booths, and performances.  This fair is a great opportunity for students who want to make a positive change to our environment. `