Homework Policy on AP Classes?

AP classes are meant to be hard

Why do people take AP classes?  What is the purpose?  AP classes are college level classes taken by students in high school who want to go ahead in their studies.  Many people do them for the extra point on their GPA while others do it so they will have fewer classes in college.

College isn’t a joke.  It is extremely hard and doing AP classes at a young age can be tiring and difficult.  Some people believe that there should be a homework policy to these high level classes.  They want to make a policy that restricts teachers from giving AP students homework over the weekends.  They think that no homework over the weekend will make students’ lives easier.  However, I believe otherwise.   The teachers of these classes have a very short amount of time to cover all the material needed so students can get at least a passing grade on the AP test.  A child losing two days a week in which they should be studying is not realistic if the teachers are supposed to cover all the materials before the AP exams.

When asked about this situation Sanchla Sehgal stated “Students sign up for these high level classes very well aware of what they are getting themselves into.  It just isn’t realistic to think that they will be able to finish their whole textbook before the AP test if they don’t do homework over the weekends”.  If this policy ever does become approved there are still a lot of loop holes to it.  The weekend allows students to have more time to do things.  If the AP teachers try and cram all the work in during the week the students will be even more stressed than before.  Frankly this policy wouldn’t make teachers give less homework; it would just make them give the same amount of homework due in a shorter period of time.