Captain Interview- Volleyball Jinny Yan

An interview with one of the Varsity Volleyball captains

The co-captains of the Lady Vikings Varsity volleyball team are Jinny Yan and Ashley Torres. This week we talked to Jinny about her experience as a team captain.

The Voice: “What are the things you do to train other than practice?”

Jinny: “I love T.V. I finish homework at 9 but I finish television at 2.”

The Voice: “What do you do to prepare before games?”

Jinny: “I never wear my jersey directly before a game. I always like wearing a shirt and shorts over my uniform. When I feel ready to smack something, I take off the clothes I’m wearing over my uniform and it’s easy for me to feel like its ‘Game Time’.”

The Voice: “What’s the best part of being team captain?”

Jinny: “Everyone trembles before me…They’re like quaking… nah, I’m just kidding. I think it’s fun that everyone seems to look up to me. I feel like if I’m not on top of my game, it affects more than myself. Even though pressure isn’t a good thing, in this case it makes me feel like it builds my character and makes me a better leader.”