Music Review: Mylo Xyloto

 Coldplay Retains Smooth Vocals and Acoustic Sound With a Twist

When asked about the meaning of the phrase, “Mylo Xyloto”, Coldplay leader Chris Martin attributed the odd name to the “randomness of the universe.” Certainly, this album lives up to its “meaning”, consisting of fourteen songs with seemingly unrelated lyrics and meanings. However, all tracks on the album are connected by the notably Coldplay-esque acoustic rifts backed up with bass and synths that haven’t been utilized on earlier Coldplay albums. The highlight of the album is undoubtedly “Princess of China” featuring Rihanna. The song begins with a thirty second instrumental introduction, similar to that of techno tracks.

Chris Martin enters on vocals and is followed by Rihanna – the unexpected artist combination contributes to surprisingly melodious vocals. Long-time Coldplay fans will not be disappointed by the album’s use of extra synths, bass, and treble – tracks like “Don’t Let it Break Your Heart” and “Us Against the World” bring back memories of the band’s earlier four albums. Retaining similar beats and rhythms while adding an array of “techo-like” effects, this album is perfect for any music love – Coldplay fan or otherwise. Coldplay will make you move from head to “Xy-lo-toe.”