Spark Notes Gossip

What has Spark Notes Come to?

The much renowned website, Spark Notes, has always been there for students.  Whether it be to help them decipher the confusing dialect of Shakespeare or a literary analysis for To Kill a Mockingbird, Sparks Notes has never failed.  Spark Notes has always been that reliable website that has all the information needed to understand English Literature, however recent changes have started making students doubt the amount of information they really are getting off of this website.

Sparks Notes has changed dramatically in a very short period of time.  It has gone from an easy to use website to a distracting website filled with gossip.  Advertisers have started using Spark Notes as a host for their ads.  The sides of the website are filled with celebrity gossip and polls you just have to answer.  When asked about how he feels about these new additions to Spark Notes, Sauraubh Gupta states with displeasure, “It has definitely become more distracting.  I can’t get my work done and I find myself wasting time.”